Dr. Jahidul Sarkar
M.R.Charitable Trust

The name “M. R. Knowledge Park” is synonymous with its driving force- Director, Dr Jahidul Sarkar, the dynamic, passionate and caring leader who has shaped MRKP from scratch. Realizing during his Studentship that Liberalization and Privatization of the Indian economy and consequently the education sector would open the door to innumerable opportunities, inspired by the wisdom of ISLAM, the legendary statesman, our Missile-Man Indian President, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam and backed by the encouragement and blessings of his parents and well-wishers, Dr Jahidul Sarkar sowed the seeds of the parent trust, M.R.Charitable Trust.    

Unwavering vision, meticulous planning, countless hours at work, unflinching support from his own, he has established M.R.College of Education ( B.Ed & D.El.Ed.), SAHAJPATH( B.Ed & D.El.Ed.), Mother Teresa Institute of Education and Research ( B.Ed & D.El.Ed.), Dr. Shahidullah Institute of Education ( B.Ed & D.El.Ed.), Front Page Academy (I to XII) , Front Page College of Education ( B.Ed & D.El.Ed.).

“Successful leaders see

 the opportunities in every difficulty,

rather than the difficulty in every opportunity.”

Dr Jahidul Sarkar's meteoric rise from a First Generation Learner and Poorest of the Poor family oriented boy to an exemplary leader was paved with several hurdles, personal and professional challenges. He overcame these through pure grit and determination, ability to adapt to changes and an unending quest for excellence. An avid reader, an excellent orator renowned for his free, frank and fearless expression of his views. Philanthropy and concern for the less fortunate occupies his leisure time. M.R.College of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research is one of the next wings of journey to Dr. Jahidul Sarkar.

“A leader is the one who knows the way,

goes the way and shows the way”